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PE Board Extrusion Machinery
PE Board Extrusion Machinery
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Our PE Board production line consists of single screw plastic extruder, vacuum automatic feeding unit, dehumidifiers drying hopper, sheet die, 3 roller-ray unit, heating and leveling unit, roll cooling unit, edge cutting unit, traction, shearing unit, and roller conveyor unit. 


1. Screw and barrel are optimized designed and adopted with high-performance alloy 38CrMoAiA which ensure that the whole production line uniform plastics hand stable extrusion;

2. Precise electronic temperature control instrument is applied to keep a accurate temperature control;

3. Precise sizing and roller-ray unit is applied to adjust the template good shape;

4. Fixed-length cutting capacity ensures the accurate length controlled.

Production scope: Thickness 1-30mm; Width 3000mm

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